Google Knows Me.

In 7th grade it was the coolest thing to Google your name, and see what comes up. I always get this girl named Katie Webber who was on American Idol a few seasons back, but today I Google-imaged my name. What I found was rather creepy.
First, it had my blog header. Normal.
Then it had a picture of me with my parents, followed by one with Sister Dalton. Another one was of my dear friends Lauren&Travis Whiting. And my best friend Kacee. It showed my freshman room-girl Mandi, and my 218 decorated apartment. It had a picture of a white siberian tiger, as well as smart cookies.
It also had a picture of Katy Perry kissing Justin Bieber, but that was weird.
Anyway....I realized that you could pretty much find everything you wanted about yourself on Google-images. It's really insane.
Just be careful trying it if your name is Trixie, or something like that.

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  1. I promise what comes up when you type in my name - even more random. I laughed out loud. P.S. You always have the most random/fun to read posts on your blog.


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