The last few weeks I've been a pain to get ahold of. Try texting me, calling me, leaving a message, and it's likely that I won't get back to you. My sincere apologies, folks.
I go through weird stages sometimes where I hate Facebook, my phone, hanging out, or any social interaction. It's slightly pathetic.
However, I have been living vicariously through the eyes of terrorists in the books I'm reading. It's like the old school (as in first 5 seasons of) 24 in literary form. Genius. I've read about 500 pages in the last 4 days. It kinda freaks me out though.
On a barely lighter note, right now my Cougs are getting their behinds handed to them by the freaky Lobos, and I decided to come upstairs instead of watch the slaughterings of the poor boys.

Guess what? I signed up for the Newport Sport's Club (sounds ritsy, doesn't it?), and the last 2 weeks I've been busting my butt there and have loved every second of it! I can't get enough. After my workout the other day, the front desk man came up to me and Madi and told us that we were "hard core" since we'd spent 4 hours there in a span of 24 hours. It took everything in me not to flash him my lunging RockOn signal.
Speaking of things that rock. My darling sister works at Smart Cookie. Let me tell ya, those things should have a warning sign attached to them.

Not only does it contain about 900 calories a pop (cue screaming/gasping/denial/eye-popping/jaw dropping), but it tastes better than any cookie I've ever had. It doesn't help that she brought home 44 sugar cookies on Saturday night (total calorie count: 39,600 [that's 11 pounds of calories]). Don't worry kiddos, I only ate one. But it's a dern good thing that I have a gym membership now.

Last but not least, take this baby out of context.
Quotable Quote: "That guy's not always hot, but when he's hot, he's really good."
-My mother.
Talking about Brandon Davies. He will surely be missed at the Webber home.
(if she ever reads this, she'd probably kill me)


  1. best cookies ever. i would really appreciate one of those right now!!

  2. I was talking about his basketball skills.....get your mind out of the gutter. And you're right - I will get you when you're sleeping - Love Mom



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