Confessions Pt 3

I'm a secret person. As in, I LOVE secrets.
Just in case you've missed the last 2 parts, here they are:

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I don't think you're ready for this jelly.
  • If it's dark outside, I can't close the blinds straight on. I have to hide on the side of them and reach out because I'm afraid someone will be in the window staring at me.
  • I may or may not have shed a tear while watching the preview to Winnie the Pooh.
  • I have a weird phobia of those sewer covers. I can't walk over them in fear that I might fall into it.
  • I like watching commercials--but I always get yelled at when I don't fast forward.
  • My new face wash smells like the inside of an airbag, and I get flashbacks of my 6-year-old self after the car accident I was in.
  • In my king-sized bed, I sleep diagonal.
  • I am a little obsessed with caramel sauce.
  • When I'm stressed or anxious, I cook, clean, organize, or exercise.
  • When I was FHE mom, I had a huge crush on my FHE "husband".
  • I talk to babies in the same tone I talk to my dog, and I caught myself saying, "Cute puppy!" to a little girl who came into my work. I nonchalantly made it sound like I said, "Cute Baby"...
  • At the gym, people can normally find me checking out my calf muscles in the wall mirrors. It's not a big deal.
  • I've successfully eaten every single mango and pear Jelly Belly out of my brother's massive container of jelly beans.
  • When I'm driving, I blast my music and scream at the top of my lungs to it. It creates funny situations when other people are in the car.
  • I'd rather wear shorts every single day. I picked the wrong university.
  • I'm slightly terrified to go back to school for Spring and get 5 new roommates.
  • I cry while watching Biggest Loser. "I just love watching fat people lose weight!"
  • If I'm reading something that has a typo, my view of the person who wrote it is tainted. If it has more than one typo, I usually stop reading.
  • I saw the Justin Bieber movie on his birthday. And wore purple.
  • I can't fall asleep without earplugs and those eye-covers. But it takes a train crashing into my room to wake me up in the morning.
  • At home, everyone makes fun of my baking/cooking skills. At school, I'm a master culinary artist to my roommates.
  • My phone captures pretty awesome sunsets. But that's no secret.

So, got any good secrets? :)

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  1. i like these.
    all of these.

    p.s. why do I have to get a tumblr!? what's wrong with just keep'n it goin blog style? I can rise to the best in the blog category can't i? :P


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