Call me. Stalk you.

I'm always flattered when random people tell me they read my blog. And then when I think about it I get slightly self-conscious. I made this blog for my freshman 218 room-girls, so I basically write to them, but most of the time I just feel like I'm talking to myself. Just take that in consideration when entering.

Well, next Saturday is my last and final day of my 8-week internship. It's been a whirlwind of a good time! And I love all the fascinating people who come in (not to mention the General Authorities. No big deal). I've easily put in over 200 hours already, and it's all a blur. But I've learned so much more than I ever imagined. I can honestly say I knew absolutely nothing about actual photography before I started there.
And that's after I was head photographer for my high school for 3 years.
It kinda shows you how many amateurs are out there, I sure was one.
Earlier this week I recieved a call from the woman who's in charge of all the interns, and she was letting me know what all the photographers thought of me, and what a great job I've done...etc...etc, and THEN she told me that she would put in a good word to the boss to have me stay....and get paid.
Real money.
I almost cried.

Even better, today I went on location for a shoot with Rich, and my boss was there. He came up and told me that I was to be the photographer for the entire session, and then said, "Good luck!"
There were 62 people in this portrait, and I was the photographer...all by myself.
I usually just adjust the lights, switch the lenses, and tickle babies' toes.
So it was awesome.

Also, I hung out with my dear friend Elise today, and we went to Sammy's.
And then I got to go hug my Tia.
And I also finished my book.

I'd say my day was pretty great. :)


  1. NO WAY! great job babe, i am so proud!


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