Once I go to a restaurant and order something that is delicious, I'll order the same exact thing. Every single time.

Sammy's: Chocolate banana half-shake, battered fries with a LOT of fry sauce.
Chili's: Quesadilla explosion.
Wingers: sticky finger dinner with raspberry lemonade. And lots of creamy amazing.
Cafe Rio: Pork tostada with a flour tortilla and extra dressing.
Bajio: Chicken green chili salad with mango salsa
Kneaders: Turkey BLTA on whole wheat, and pumpkin bread. :)
Costa Vida: Small pork salad with pinto beans.
Olive Garden: Chicken fettucini alfredo.
Los Hermanos: Shredded beef taco with guac and a brisa de mora negra.
Snoasis: Strawberry Daquari glacier style.

I've almost never diverted from the above, or else I feel like dying when whatever I get is less-than-awesome.
Another problem I have: I almost never go anywhere other than the above restaurants.
It's silly, right?

The other week I went to a Greek restaurant in Salt Lake, and on Friday I went to a Thai restaurant. I actually tried things I never thought I'd eat, and rather enjoyed myself.
I'm going to make a goal right now, to open my horizons and try new restaurants.
And if I go to the same restaurant, I want to try not to get the same thing twice in a row.
If you know me even a little bit, you know that this is definitely not my cup of tea.
I like routines, and I know what I like.
But today, I'm going to go to Winger's one last time, and get the exact thing that I always order.
So does anyone have any good suggestions? :)


  1. ZUPAS! Nuts abut berries salad & Honey Bacon Club or Wisconsin Cauliflower soup!

    p.s. thanks for the comment on my last post. you are TOO nice.

  2. nope! not anymore, i worked there when i was in boise.
    good luck on trying new things- i hope it's empowering!


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