Spring Break: Staycation

The Staycation.

It's when you don't go any.where. for the glorious welcoming of the Springtime. It may be dreaded in most places, but my family tends to vamp up the Utah-ness of our home, and do awesome crazy things.
Over our summer Staycation, we went to Logan/Wyoming/Idaho for a few days, and had a blast.
For our Spring Staycation, on Friday (Fridaaay Fridaaayyy) we went to the glorious Salt Lake City. Where I work everyday anyway. I asked for the day off, and we partied. hard.
First, we went to the Gateway. An outdoor mall resembling something awesome in the Hills. We pretended we were cool by wearing leather boots and sunglasses.
Then we went to the Clark Planetarium. (I should've gotten a picture of Madi with the name. No further explanation? Ps. Madi that wasn't offensive. So don't think about commenting with that single word.)
We saw Born to Be Wild 3D in IMAX. I flinched a few times because it felt like my feet were about to be stampeded by African Elephants. It was cool. I also aspire to be a orangutan surrogate mother in Indonesia. No big deal....so does Madi.

We then proceeded to watch this pendulum (NOT spelled with a G.) knock down these little domino things. Proving that the earth is spinning at 787 mph or something. 
After that, Madi visited Mars.

While I walked on the moon.

We got caramel apples at Roc Mount Choc Fac (No, I don't call it that for real...), and then went to yet another movie called Soul Surfer. It was disgustingly, incredibly inspiring. And I want to be tan now.
After that, I went to the Rio with my Tian dear, and then said goodbye as she ditched us to see a movie. But it's cool, because I had an awesome day anyway.
Also, I learned how to really cut open a mango. It looks like a cute little hedgehog, doesn't it?! Nom nom nom.

One more thing. I bought a little wifey for my big camera.
I think I'm getting greedy.

But I love them both.

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