Chocolate, Crying, and Curses.

You know those days where every emotion is to the extreme? I'm sure you do. Most females turn to their chocolate. I just turn bright red and burst into tears.
This morning I woke up at 5:30 after about 5 hours of sleep, just so I could go on a run. I was so exhausted and realized when I got back that I only had about an hour to get ready...and for some reason in my head that wasn't enough, and I started crying. Then on my way to work, the car in front of me was stalled on a green arrow, and I started crying because I was going to be late.
Then this afternoon I went to my other job, where they had all found out that my last day is next week, and my boss talked to me about how much he appreciates me (which is crazy), and I started crying.
Later this evening I tried buying an online textbook with my credit card and it wouldn't work....so I started crying again.
Then to top it off, I brought my grandma's family portraits home from my work to surprise her....and the surprise got ruined, without me even knowing.
Now, I know you know what I did next.
It's just been one of those days.
How I wish I was a chocolate girl. Curse you crying eyes. 
Curse you.


  1. I'm sooooorrry. I love you.

  2. I am sorry you were having a rough day! Darn those hormonal days! :]


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