Lesson Learned.

After I wrote a long, poetic, vague, and mysterious post, I knew I shouldn't post it.
But I pressed the button.
Turns out, it vanished. No sign whatsoever, not even in the drafts.
Everything I just wrote was meant for me....and obviously only for me.
I needed to get a few things off my plate, and boy, did I do just that.
Oftentimes, I don't have the greatest of filter on what should and shouldn't be posted on this blog. Though much of what I write is directly written for a very small number of friends, I still write things that should be kept private between me and those people. Or even just between me and myself.
This was one of them.
Oh how I'm glad that the blogger gods wouldn't allow me to post something. Though few would recognize the topic, it would reveal all too much.

It was on purpose.
3 years.

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  1. hahaha i totally think i know what you're talking about. :)


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