C-c-c-cool BEANS.

Ten things that might make you say, "Cool Beans"
or not, whatever.

1. This picture.
Even though it was taken 2 years ago.

2. I'm the photographer for a wedding this weekend.
Don't ask me if I'm about to barf. The answer is yes.

3. I jam out to my iPod in a room of semi-silent people.
Also on the turf at midnight, and in parking lots at 8:15, and open fields with hobos, and in my room in the early morning.

4. I really, really like mangoes.
I'll prob visit the Philippines with Trav to eat them everyday. 

5. I'm moving out in 5 days.

6. I can't stop thinking about this one boy. 
And I finally decided I won't force myself to stop.

7. I could watch What Happens In Vegas everyday for the rest of my life.
"Where's the one place you can step up and be a man?" "Community college?"

8. My shift at work is switching to 6am-10am.
Can you say all-nighters? nbd, really.

9. It happened. I'm officially a country girl.
Don't even get me started. I already know. PS. Blake Shelton? Ohh boy.

10. Life is pretty darn good right now.
And it's about to get much, much better.

Cool beans? Yeah, Cool beans.

Tia. Feel my brain waves and leave the comment I'm thinking of. Cool beans?


  1. oh hiii. i guess i wasn't fast enough because miss madison rose took what i was supposed to write, but whatev. i'll forgive her. YAY we are going to be ROOMIES! lovely in a bucket, i'll have to say. I loved this post. and good for you for number 6. :) uhhh i like 10. ROCK ON.
    sooo cool beans.... thanks.


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