Provo Intro.

Though I've posted multiple times in the last few weeks, I haven't felt like I've really BLOGGED. As in, post tons of pictures. And make you feel what I'm feeling.

But to give you a little preview.

I'm in love.

With P-town.

I am having so much fun, and loving every single minute.
I once heard a saying, "Happiness doesn't always make you feel happy."
But guess what?
I feel so happy. I really do.
Everything about life just seems to make sense, out of all the confusion behind the purpose. I've forgotten to stop and think about WHY I'm here, as opposed to finding out.
I had a long talk with a dear friend right before I made this move, and she said, "Just find yourself. Do everything you want to do, and life will happen around you. Make things happen yourself, and just have fun."
When she said that, so much happiness and confirmation filled me. I felt so happy in that moment, and knew that things were going to work out. Why shouldn't I be happy? Why shouldn't I make decisions that just make sense? Why shouldn't I do things that I WANT? It's okay to put "life" on hold for a while, and actually start to live it. Who says there's a generic plan that you have to follow in order for life to be great? No one. That's who.
This move was for me. Not anyone else. Not to please anyone, or fill some sort of cookie-cutter image that people have of me. Because I would NOT be here if that was what I was looking for.
Living in Utah for the summer was the best decision I've made for myself in a while. No one put me up to it, no one encouraged me, and I didn't do it because of any pressure. It's a huge stress reliever, to just live your life.
And it feels right.

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