It's Monday.

You know those Mondays that feel like Thursdays? Your party hat is being pulled out 4 days too soon, and all you want to do is go on a midnight hike, or go to Sammy's, or just plain sit and watch Giada DVD's till 3pm?
I'm having one of those days.
And it gets better.
I've gotten sick.
Which also means that I treat everyday like it's a weekend. I sleep too much, I get high from benadryl, I knock my cereal bowl over, I eat twice the amount I should, I forget to get ready for work, I say everything that's on my mind, time flies like I'm in Disneyland, I talk in my sleep, and my nostrils alternate being plugged up.
It's disgustingly great. All of it.
Also, I never stop coughing, and I sneeze like I'm Dumbo.
(ps. Does Dumbo even sneeze? It just felt right to say, ya know.)
Another thing.
My semester is coming to a close in the next month, which means that I better increase my desire to study and do homework. But the likelihood of that happening is like...zero. Well, maybe 4%. And I'm booked for many a photo-shoot, and every Thursday I'm doing the PG promenade with my gma. Things happen. I make promises I often regret. It takes me a while to do everything. I eat slower than an elderly sloth. I wish my job started 4 hours later. 10 am just sounds so glorious right now.
Word to the wise? When your work tells you that they're giving you a 6am shift, run in the other direction. Or at least switch shifts with someone else permanently. It's killer, and your immune system dies within 72 hours.
Farewell immunity and sleep. I will forever miss you.

Pps. Do I sound high? Because I'm sure I am right now.


  1. hahaha. I was loling throughout this whole thing! I just love you. And uh... WE NEED TO HANG! I know that's my job... how about... this thursday, or next tuesday??????? Please say yes!

  2. Ummm...HECK YES! How about every single day? ;) Text me motha!


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