I'm alive and well :)

Hello! I made it on the trek all the way down to p-town. It's a total of 18 miles. It's great opposed to the 240 miles I would normally be from my house.
So far, Provo is wonderful.

Monday-Woke up at 5. Went to work. Moved in. Went to FHE. Played Volleyball, ate enchiladas, saw my favorite aunt Laura, got some fresh chicken eggs. *(ps. Do those 3 words together make anyone want to throw up? It just doesn't sound appealing...and yet...they are.). Went to bed at 1.

Tuesday-Woke up at 5. Went to work. Came home. Slept. Homework. Cooked Dinner. Watched the Bachelorette (It was Per-FACT), Troy's bday party, Dallin coming over, went to bed at 1:40.

Wednesday-Woke up at 5. Went to work. Slept. Came home. (Yeah, you heard that order.) Almost fell asleep, but got woken up by a boy to take me to lunch. It was delicious. Went to campus. Did homework. Slept. Did homework. Ate dinner. Watched SYTYCD, more homework. It's now 10...I think I'm exhausted. And I may or may not have had an asthma attack today, maybe due to lack of oxygen to the brain from sleep deprivation.

Phew....sounds exciting? Well....it's in between the >.< and the ___ that is so dang great. I am seriously LOVING IT! I love Provo, love my roommates, love the friends, love everything about being here. I feel great, and tired, and well-rounded. For the first time in quite a while. Now for some pictures from the day:

 P-town's a tad bit more sketch than The Burg.

life is so good.

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