Oh yes, baby. Oh yes.

Yes to all things green and lush.

Yes to saying goodbye to all things green and lush.

Yes to autumn, how 'bout.

Yes to PROVO. I can't say yes enough times to that.

Yes to football games with the whole gang.

Yes to men. Cute ones at that.

Yes to new friends, new ward, new homies.

Yes to my beautifully orchestrated life.

Yes to my second job. So durn excited about that! 

Yes to saying durn. For a durn good reason.

Yes to secret lovers. And not-so-secret ones.

Yes to not caring one bit about certain things. 

Yes to my old high school friends. 

Yes to my long hair. 

Yes to BYU. Or should they be saying that to me? YES.

Yes to laughing till I squeal, or snort, or slap my knees.

Yes to warm showers.

Yes to taking a break from running....all summer long. 

Yes to Mitt Romney for President.

Yes to ignoring the fact that I kinda miss Idaho sometimes. 

Yes to closure. And rekindling.

Yes to total phone and Facebook clean-outs.

Yes to pure, unadulterated, joyful happiness. 

Yes to ___________ 
(go on. fill in your blank.)

beautiful idea {cred to shelbie s.}

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  1. You got into BYU?? Where's your new job?! I need a 411 on your life stat.


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