Room Girls, Rainy Hipsters, And Life Stories.

I'm officially all moved in, and am in pure amazement.
I feel like things really just work out for the best.
Coming into this, I was nervous to get 5 new room girls, it being the first time ever living away from home without Tian. And my new girls are all lovely in their own way.
My room girls asked what I want to be when I grow up, and I said, "I want to be a photographer. But like, for real. I'm not a rainy hipster with a faded aqua polaroid."
And I quickly regretted it. It's a disservice to that polaroid.
But seriously....we're dealing with trendy stuff here. And I'm not a trendy person. I have a feeling this one will NOT pass, which cheapens the art, and makes my heart hurt every time I see someone with a dslr on auto. "I really don't know how to use this big thing." Ahhhh.....stop.

On a different note.

Some wise man once told me, if you sit and listen to a person talk all day, they will think you are the most fascinating and intriguing person in the world.
Because people love talking about themselves, and people love people they can talk to. Which means if you listen to someone : They will love you.  And think you are the absolute best.
This was tried and true today from the opposite side, I told my coworker my life story, and it took about 2 hours. It was a lovely time, and we shared deep things, light things, heavy things, and shallow things. And we were great friends by the end.
Another upside to my day. I'm getting really good at telling my situation in less than 30 seconds, even though I could spend hours (much to everyone's dismay) trying to explain my thoughts and potential actions.
I'm a lovely girl,
Who really loves Provo.
And I wanted to apply to BYU for the winter,
But thought I'd party until then. And also work.
A lot.
What if I don't get in? You might ask, and you will.
UVU. I guess....or like...yeah. Who knows.
It's all up in the air, which is a good place to be.
Beautiful things are up there. So I guess beautiful things are in store?
Yeah, I like thinking about it that way.
As for now, I'm just enjoying the view from my front porch :)
And believe me. It's a great view.

How I love Utah in the fall. It makes me want to buy school supplies. :)
Joke's on you. I'm not going to school! Ha. 

Time to get busy. Things are really taking off these days. 


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