Let it go.

"I can still recall the hour my father told me it was time to let it go.
Though it's mended wing had made it sing, he said the bird I cared for was not really mine.
So let it go.
Letting go seems to break your heart. Though it will heal, it feels slow to start.
Though the pain burned within me so, he held me tight so I could let it go.
There's so much of life that can't be lived if you're holding onto anger deep inside, so let it go.
letting go, it opens up the heart. There is a new day hungry to start.
You can't change what has hurt your soul, but you will heal if you will let it go.
All that's worth saving is love. Love will hold you tight. Love lifts the burden, love shines the light. Only love nourishes our soul. If it's not love, simply let it go."
Michael McClean
Let It Go

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  1. That is beautiful!! Thanks for sharing! :]


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