Sick as a dog. So this is random.

It's 9:31, and I feel it's the equivalent of 3:45 am. I'm past tired, upset, tired, achey, crampy, tired, and can't tell if my tummy is hungry/nauseous, or creating life. It's not a good combo.

Yesterday I had an argument with an old friend, and it hurt. Bad. Sometimes I wonder if certain people will ever learn.

What I learned from that conversation: I am worthy of someone special. Who loves me. And I love them just as much. And I will never, ever settle for anything less than that.

My passion is photography. Hands down. I had a lapse in judgement on that one, and my nerves sometimes got the best of me, but things are starting to look good. Having 3 shoots in one week helps, too.

I don't know what I want to study in school. I decided that photography is not the thing for me to study....time to feel like a freshman again and go through every single major possible. I think I can count out anything in the math/science department though.

I had a dream about something that I've wanted to do for a while...and I think I might change some things up before next summer. It's going to get interesting.

My mom's birthday is on Monday. And my sister's is tomorrow. I love them both so much.

When I'm by myself for too long I think about things I shouldn't, and it sometimes makes me cry.

I read a series of books in the winter. There were 6 books, and I got through all of them in 3 months...except for the last 60 pages in the final book. I just didn't want to finish it and that be the end. Five months later, I picked up that last book and finished it. It was so good, and I want to be a better person now.

I don't feel very good. If anyone wants to pick up some pumpkin bread and apple cider for me, I might shed a few tears of gratitude.

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