Thinks and thoughts.

General Conference for big girls was tonight. Delightful.

Anything President Dieter says could easily be followed by "Ooh"'s and "Awwww"'s by any woman over the ripe age of 19.  Ladies man, I tell ya.  I'm smitten.

My room girl discovered my scripture bookmark. It may or may not be a picture of a cute boy in the Philippines.  THAT HE SENT ME. Not a stalker, aight?

I wrote an 11 page letter. Not to the cute boy, but to my sister. It was a good one.

I spent a pretty penny on stamps. And gasoline. I hate money.

Sometimes I don't check my bank statements out of pure denial and stubbornness, and then go and spend money on things I don't like, such as sushi. And groceries.

There's no where in the handbook that says things are going to be easy. But I would like that to happen from time to time.

I miss my Tiana. We only live 4 blocks away from each other, and never see one another.

Number 2 on the Defense was my player-of-the-game on Friday. We shared a few moments together. Front row beats anything I've ever been apart of. Big shout-out to Jimmer, too.

I've never argued with roommates this much before. And I've never liked  all my roommates this much before. It's an interesting combo.

I went running and loved it.....it hasn't felt this good since last October, I think.

"Where have all the good men gone?"

My ward is peculiar. I haven't decided how much I like them yet, but I haven't seen a boy who isn't either adorable, ridiculously good looking, or hilariously fun.

I love Elaine Dalton.

I have a "secret" tumblr, and have almost 300 followers.

One of those followers is my friend now, and we text all the time. She's from Chicago. It's fun.

I love my job more and more everyday.

I wouldn't hate it if someone left a comment on this post. 

There's something about pumpkin bread and red mountains that makes me want Santa to come asap.

Oh yeah, I think I have a crush on this one boy. He's nice. And reminds me of Flynn Rider  
(Did I mention he has a motorcycle? Yeah, he has a motorcycle).


  1. hello dear cousin of mine. who is the boy???
    thats all bye bye

  2. I LOVE YOU. also, i might be there friday for a few hours.....we'll see :)

  3. jack johnson! haha love you katie!

  4. Wrong #2:) hahah the other #2 was your special man. Hoffman was MVP:)
    On another note, I enjoyed this. a whole lot.

  5. I seriously have been having Kate withdrawls lately. And this just made me miss you more. I'm so so sad I don't get to come home till Christmas. You should expect a call/text from me this week. I need details.


  6. Is this dinner group boy?! I need to hear everything!



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