In about 4 weeks I'm going to hit a huge wall of humility. Right in the face.
I'm going to realize how long it really has been since being in a classroom.
I'm going to realize that I've aged a smidge since being in school.
Which means there's going to be so many youngins walking around, and I'm going to feel boring and ancient.
I'm also not happy about the fact that only NINE of the 20 classes I took transfer to this new school of mine.
Another thing? I feel like I'm swamped right now, and I've got pretty much nothing going on.
Lets add 12 credits to the mix.
Oh yeah, and where am I getting money for this? Lets pray that my financial aid comes through asap.
Can we also talk about the fact that this school doesn't have my planned major? So now I'm back to square one, trying to figure out what to do with my life, feeling like a pubescent teenager in her sophomore English class writing about how she wants to be a national geographic photojournalist with a killer bod.
And a puppy.
What does perspective have to do with this post? Just that I have none. And I'm pretty sure the reason why my hair is falling out is because of my situation.
But hey. I got to shoot a wedding yesterday, and I got to visit my favorite friend up on Temple Square afterwards. As well as get the best letter of my life..so at least my life doesn't suck as bad as I think it does.
However, I think I might have an ulcer. Call the doctor, we've got a hypochondriac.


  1. just shows you how RETARDED BYUI is. We transferred down to uvu with AS degrees and we STILL had to retake some classes....fdljfaldkjfdlkjf it is so annoying....

  2. you got to come see me too!! haha THANKS for coming katie!! you'll figure life out! ;) love you!!


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