pivitol nonsense.

Sometimes when I think back on things in my life, I realize there was that single moment where everything changed. One small thing exploded into something huge. Have you ever stopped to look at the moment an aquaintence turned into your best friend? Or a simple decision led to an entire different lifestyle?
I can remember one day during my sophomore year I was driving in my friend Christie's car. I really looked up to this beautiful, confident, blond senior. She turned to me and said, "Hey Kate, ever thought of doing track?"
"Ha, no. I hate running."
"But you run, right?"
"Every day, actually."
"Then just come run with the team! It's fun."
Now, I thought this girl was the stuff. I immediately reconsidered my loathing, and the next week I was tying up my New Balance ghetto kicks, and was hating myself.
That one moment changed the rest of my high school career. My best friends, all my good memories, my self-esteem, everything. It meant the world to me.

Over a year ago, while on my Christmas Break from BYU-Idaho, my grandma orchestrated a very elaborate family portrait with all 8 of her children, and 19 of her grandchildren. She had booked the Best in State photographer, and had saved her pennies for 5 years for this genius of an artist to take our portrait. My dad pushed me up to him, and while trying not to throw up out of anxiety, I asked him if I could intern at the studio. Little did I know, he'd actually say yes.
I'd grow to love it.
I'd grow to be great at it.
And I'd even give up a whole lot for it.
Fast forward a year, and I'm living in Provo, now a student at UVU, working at ancestry.com, and everything's changed.
My location.
My life.
My friends.
My dreams.
Turns out, life couldn't be any more fulfilling.
I'm becoming exactly who I need to become.
Isn't it funny? These little pivital nonsense moments.
They mean the world to me.


  1. Love it. Everything about it.

  2. I love this so much.

  3. yay for you running track! it changed my life too :)


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