nice blue eyes.

I have this class. It's a marriage class. I sit in the back row, and mostly do homework. It's alright, because I still pay attention.
There's another young man who sits in the back as well, and mostly does homework. But still pays attention.
It's the same thing every day.
Go sit by this young man, and do homework.
We've never said a word to each other.
But we have this bond.
Sit. And do homework.
It's nice.
He's tall, and has nice hair. And usually wears a nice jacket.
My professor put us in a group on Thursday, and forced us to put away our things, and collaborate on an in-class quiz.
"Back row Joes. You're in a group."
I smiled at the thought that we would actually have to speak to one another, and as I turned to say something...
That's when it hit me.
Those nice blue eyes.
Why didn't I know he had blue eyes?
Why didn't he tell me?
Doesn't every one know that you have a moral obligation to make eye contact with everyone when you have blue eyes?
I couldn't believe I'd spent 7 weeks of my life sitting inches away from him, and never actually looked him straight in the eyes.
Did I hear a word he said to me when he flashed his striking blue eyes and lovely smile?
But I definitely was thrilled to finally look at this beautiful young man.
After talking to him for an hour and a half...I realized one thing.
I have blue eyes.
He has blue eyes.
That's all you need to make beautiful blue-eyed babies.

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  1. hahahahahahahahahahahahahaha! I LOVE YOUR BLOG. the end.


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