Things my future husband will eventually find out

I find out things about myself daily. It helps to have roommates who point things out to you (it can be a good or bad thing. Usually just amusing). I'm quirky by nature, and have plenty of weird habits.
Take note of the following:
1. I wake up in exactly the same position I fell asleep in. But just recently I found out that at around 6:20 every morning, an hour and a half before my alarm goes off, I flip over so my head is on the opposite side of the bed. Around 7:10, I flip back to the other side.
Guess who didn't know about this? Me.
2. I crack eggs individually into a separate bowl, then squish the yokes with a fork, then pour them into whatever batter/mixture I have going. I didn't realize that nobody else does that.
3. I thought another name for chap stick/lip balm was "Lip Chap" up until about 5 years ago. One day I realized that I was indeed, the only person on the planet who called it that. It slips out of my mouth from time to time.
4. It takes me about 4 times longer to get ready in the morning than anyone else in my apartment, and I look half as good. Why is this? I go at the pace of a turtle, in just about everything I do.
5. Sleep walking is creepy. And I keep doing it lately. I woke up doing yoga, in a head stand. I can't make these things up.
6. I tuck my thumbs under my index and middle finger to hold onto my ring fingers. Another new one pointed out to me.
7. When I'm doing math, I flare my nostrils. It's okay, I laugh at the thought.
8. I sleep-text. I found this out about a year or two ago, so I have to keep my phone on the other side of the room when I sleep. If anything disturbs my slumber, I apparently go straight for my phone and start texting the most recent person in my inbox. True story.
9. I think I'm near sighted....or far sighted. Whichever one makes it so you don't realize how close you are to something. Whenever I'm driving, people always do the "phantom brake" in the passenger seat in fear that I may not notice the stopped car ahead of me.
10. I still scream-laugh from time to time. It's shocking, and possibly irritating. If you catch me off guard with something truly hilarious, I will scream.
11. I get really into movies, and Castle. If I'm ever on the couch crying, it's probably because Beckett just got shot by a sniper, and she might be dead soon.
12. Surprising to all, I'm an unconscious cuddler. If anyone's within a ten-mile radius of me when I'm sleeping, I'll latch onto them. I'm not allowed at sister sleepovers anymore because I can't keep to myself. It's a hard knock life.

Well I think that's about all for now.
Good luck dear future husband, you've found yourself a handful.
(especially with all my weird sleeping habits.)

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