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I'm sure you've been frustrated if you've tried to get ahold of me in the last 2 months. My phone does this thing...when I hold it, it turns off. When I go to respond to a text, it shuts off without warning. Then I go through the painstakingly annoying job of holding my phone in just the right way for it to let me send a mere 3 worded text as fast as I can before it shuts off.
Boring story turned barely interesting...I'm getting a new phone. I've been putting it off because I have about 350 photos that I just can't say goodbye to, so I've been emailing them all to myself. I decided open 3 random emails and just blog about whichever photos I clicked on.
Let me tell you.
They're random.

This was the view I had driving back from work at the beginning of the year. It was 1000 times cooler in person, especially around sunset.

 Me and my Tia came down from Idaho to visit many a time. One time, back when my mom was primary president, she held an "8 year old" party for those about to be baptized in the coming year.
Best part?  There were too many extras.
Yay for 8-shaped donuts.

There's a house in P-town outside of Condo Row called the "Pickup Place". It's been called that for over 25 years. How do I know this? This is the house that my dad lived in when he met my Mom. It's the house that they also got engaged in!
Mad and I ventured there one afternoon.
We praised it for our existance.

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