Word daisies.

I was going to call this post word-vomit, but I hate that word. I like the word daisies a little better.
Good news.
I've been thinking a lot.
(I know, right.)
Just about life, and shtuff.
I think about how I love to run.
And how I love to eat.
I think about how I don't sleep...
and how I really like the weather.
I think about how I eat popsicles in the shower.
And cry when I hear something beautiful.
I think about certain romantic interests,
and how much I'd give up just to fast forward time.
I think about previous loves,
And how it stings when they lean in close to say something.
I wonder how things will turn out.
And why I'm so conflicted.
There are too many things I'd change about myself
if given the chance.
Then I think, why not just change it?
I really love hugs lately.
And I'm not a hugger.
I think it should be summer now.
I'm in love with Tom Hank's character from You've Got Mail.
And also Bill Pullman's character from While You Were Sleeping.
I wish I had a private jet
I miss my puppy
I'm watching past seasons of Friends.
I think Joey's the best thing to ever be created.
I seriously think I have split personality.
I love crunchy grapes
There's something about the feel of the air at dusk.
Dinner groups are a great invention.
My calves are looking nice lately.
I reached 28,000 views on my tumblr.
And 100 countries.
That's way more than I'll ever visit.
I like being a Mormon a whole lot.
Waiting for the Hunger Games movie is like waiting for rain in this drought.
I have Spring Break in a town where no one has spring break.
Get ready for me to SLEEP ALL AFTERNOON.
But I'll probably just catch up on my math homework.
Disneyland in 8 weeks from today.
I wish I was good at skiing.
I'm going to my first political convention next week.
By choice. I'm excited.
Snowshoeing is like, way fun.
I think I really like UVU.
(Can't believe those words came from my mind).
I need a book to read, aside from assigned reading.
Any suggestions?
I love Castle.
If you've made it this far, you deserve to leave a comment.
I think I've over-extended my thought quota for the day.
I dismiss you now.
But first, a photo of me and the sibs.



  1. helloooo i love you and your words your posts make me happy happy happy and so do you

  2. I'm likin this. I'm also likin how Asian I look in that picture.

  3. girl you are looking fiiiiiiiine

  4. you and the sibs look beautiful. I miss 'y'all'. love you!

  5. Karen7.3.12

    katie. my goodness i just love you.


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