Dream Catcher.

Crazy things happen to me when I fall asleep.
I dream of former loves.
Current loves.
And possibly future loves.
I dream of things I've always wanted to do.
I dream of things I've secretly wanted to do.
And of wonderful scenes.

When I dream, the world is different.
I'm a different me.
My hopes are different.
My life is different.
Sometimes I wake up, and forget anything happened.
Other times I wake up, and it's as if an alternate reality is taking place.

Oft, it's taken me a moment to understand that it wasn't real.
I squint my eyes as I sit up, pondering interpretations
to things that feel inspiring.
to things that feel right.
to decisions that are coming my way.

I've been chastised in dreams, beckoned to come closer.
I've been taken to another world, where I meet those who've been lost.
I've had perfect dreams that are comforting and uplifting.
And I've had terrifying dreams that are literally eye-opening.

Each time I have a dream that makes complete sense,
I have to wonder.....
Where did that come from? 

When something so small impacts me so tremendously
it alters my entire life.
it makes me think.
And I know exactly where it came from.

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