Wouldn't be what it is without this.

I feel like there are too many things to talk about, yet nothing comes to mind right off the bat.
There's been a lot of changes going on in my mind about my life, choices, future, happiness. (remove the commas, add a slash...that'll make more sense.)
I'm indeed a single (21 year old) woman, and have no babies, or one in the oven. Yet, I find things to blog about (that's probably debatable). I can tell you though, I'm pretty great at a few things, and I adore many other things. So I like to write about them.
I often delete my blog for fear that I'm over-exposed. I do write about men, and I do get some of those men to check this blog out. Lets not talk about all the funny/awkward/enlightening conversations that have followed with those who discover this open diary.
I'm also talented. Talented at attaching myself to people who are about to leave my life for good. I cry too much, and sometimes beg people not to go. Other times, I smile at what we had and wish them well. 
I'm pretty durn good at writing missionaries. Young, old, male, female, bond, and free (that last part was just to complete the sentence in my head). Know someone who's lonely on a mission? You could tell me their names, and I *might* send them a letter. Scratch that....I have too many on my list at the moment.
I have a lot to look forward to in the next 6 weeks. But don't even get me started on that.
I may be leaving on a super fun trip this summer...and I don't mean the Disneyland trip that I won't stop talking about to everyone within megaphone ear-shot.
I've always thought barefoot is the way to go. When I was a child I'd run around in the streets all the day long, no matter the weather. Without shoes. I think I drove my mom nuts with my blackened toes.
I listen to classical music when I'm doing homework. Thank heavens the testing center has a musical room to take my test in. I'd never be able to pay attention with only my thoughts in my head, because let me tell you....when I'm in a test...there aren't many thoughts going through that thing.
Certain phrases will never get old to me. They could make me laugh over and over (i.e. "This is dumb." "Don't you EVER try to tell me how to live my life again." "Two words: Survive")
I called Mad Sack in the middle of the night before she left on her mission. And cried like a baby.
How the heck do my blog posts always turn into bullet points of random facts about myself that no one cares about? Who knows. Not me.
Well, it wouldn't be finals week without a post. So kudos to me.
Now back to the daily grind of hating everything about school and not sleeping.
Boo davis.

ps.  I'm 100% legal now. Check it.

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