Generally by nature, I'm a fairly private person. I thrive on the feeling of being somewhat mysterious and unpredictable. I'm hard to read, and don't trust very easily. There are few who can consider themselves close to me, and that's probably an issue.
Let's face it. I've experienced insecurities my entire young life dealing with confidence, body image, friendships, dating, and life in general. I've doubted that I am worthy enough to be someone's everything. I always think that there's a better match for a significant other, and let them go before anything serious can blossom. I've been hurt countless times, but looking back, my imagination was hurt more than my heart was. I don't invest much in the beginning when there's a risk involved. I can't say for certain, but I'm positive I've had commitment issues for years.
There are times when I am fairly enlightened on a situation, and the moment of truth is whether or not I act on those feelings.
I'm being vague. But it's time to make a high-risk commitment. And probably not in the way anyone would expect. But one thing's for certain. I think I'm the only one who is surprised by all this.
Enough with being cryptic. Hope you enjoy my photo summary of what's been happening in my life, in case you don't follow me on instagram or Facebook.

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