Thinking of you.

I already miss Madi's abrupt laugh when she cracks herself up.
I already miss Tiana's squeezes where she burys her head in my shoulder.
I already miss the delightful voice my dad uses to speak to my puppy.
I already miss how my mom makes every excuse to plan a lunch date with me.
I already miss the way Janae ends every sentence with, "sooo...".
I'm going to miss seeing Quincy's brace-free stunner smile.
I'm going to miss Harrison's voice changing octaves, and his awkward stage.
I already miss cousin hugs with Keen, Mad, and Chy.
I already miss Cafe Rio dates with Lace, Kace, and Jaz.
I already miss the hugs from every young man.
I going to miss speaking English.
I'm going to miss my puppy following me around the house all day.
I already miss talking like Craig with Nico.
I already miss talking like the Target lady with Carlie.
I already miss having the hot sun beat down on me.
I'm going to miss getting early (by my def.) morning calls from Trevor.
I'm going to miss seeing all my friends get married.
I'm going to miss seeing my best friends have little ones.
I already miss telling Madi every single thing.
I already miss not having to be in a chair all day.
I already miss Christmas music.
I'm definitely going to miss everything about my current life.
But I'm more than ready to start this next adventure in my life.
Let's get this thing started already.
Less than a month.


  1. I'm crying. Thanks.

  2. me too. love you so much kate

  3. me too. good thing you still have a month.

  4. I'm not crying yet, but let's go to lunch :)


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