Back to the BURG!

So a lot has happened in the last 2 days! It's been a real whirlwind. Let me catch you up to speeeeeed!

-Road tripped it up with Mom and Beth-any. So fun.
-Got here and realized we were the only roommies in the whole apartment.
-Next day we waved buh-bye to Mom and Beth :'(
-Discovered there was a FROZEN YOGURT PLACE HERE!!!

(Heaven decided to send me a smile, tender mercy right there) ;)

-Made and ate delicious steak fajitas made by me. (Tia cut the tomatoes).
-Watched Face on the Milk Carton on ABC family...kinda l.a.m.e.
-Decided we should do something fun to kill the time of alone-ness.
-Walked around Rexburg with Mandi and Tia to find the Frozen Yogurt called Twizl Berry....Found it. Love it. Crave it.
-Came home and played Quelf. So fun.
-Got a text from Mandi saying she sent cute boys up to our apartment. SCORE.
-Got invited by said cute boys to play kickball.
-Played kickball, and had a lot of fun!
-Came home to see our new roommie waiting on the doorstep like a frantic lost puppy.
-Sat in our room waiting for her to introduce herself. Fail.

Definitely a good day so far!

Best part of the day? When this happened:

When we were playing kickball, it got dark very fast. We couldn't see anything and our team thought the ball was going to smack us in the face any second and we wouldn't even see it coming.

"I can't see OR smell. Those are 2 of my FIVE senses!" -boy.
"You aren't nice to cripples either! There's another one of your five sense gone!" -other boy.
"Being nice to cripples is one of your five senses??" -Tiana.

Solidifies why I love her.


  1. TWIZLBERRY IS BOMB!! egad it makes my heart sing. ohhh if i were there... the twizls we would berry together!
    tell me more of the cute boys?
    is adrienne back to provo?
    do i love tiANA in the amazon? YES.
    sounds like a fun two days!

  2. BAH. i miss you my chillins. have fun

  3. BAH. my chillins. i miss you. have fun.


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