Weekend Wonderful

This weekend I surprised my family:)

It was a wonderful time! And I was glad I made the trip down to Utah.
Best picture of the trip:

My grandma "Noni" got a little greedy when Madi said she could do a cartwheel. She wanted to try one too....she crumbled to the ground. Noni couldn't stop laughing, and neither could we. How I love her. Hahaha

It was a great weekend full of food, conference, family, and sleep:) I loved every second of it!

In other words, I'm loving school! I look forward to class everyday, and I can't wait to start my homework. (And no, my parents don't read my blog, so this confession is legit.)

Here's some pictures of my day today:)

My new homework spot. BEAUTIFUL.

There was a "double rainbow.
All the way...
So intense."

I'm fhe mom, and realized I didn't think of a treat for today, so I walked up to the campus orchard, and picked apples because I had some caramels.
The caramel apples were a hit:)
I think I make a cute mom.

Oh what a lovely day! :)

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  1. Why did the chicken cross the road?!?!


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