Royal Wedding Tribute

I'm not much for TV unless it's Castle, Biggest Loser, or Modern Family.
But the other night I was "vegging" on the couch, watching TV and got sucked into 4 hours of Royal Wedding specials on TLC. I don't know what happened to the time, or what happened to my mind, no less, but I became suddenly interested in the future Princess Kate. (Not because I want to be a Princess Kate, but ya know).

 So I saw this thing on Facebook that I loved. Here's how to get your "Royal Wedding" Invitation name. First start off with,

First name-Choose one of your Grandparents' first name, based on gender.
(We don't discriminate. Based. On. Gender. [10pointsforthatmovie])
Middle name-The name of your first pet
Last name- The street you grew up on

 Mine is (SOOOOO LAME!):

Lady LaRue Bob (169) North

So to make up for how disappointed I am in my lack of awesomeness, I want you to post yours!! Go on. Thanks. I love you.


  1. Lady Kathryn Eleanore Shefield....mine sounds legit!!!

    also, she's the man.

  2. Lady Claire Noel Heights... I left out the Canyon part of Heights... it just sounds better :)

  3. Lady Ellanora Journey Libra

  4. Lady Rose Amber North hahhaha. Kate.


Go ahead. Post one.