It is time.

It's time to share what I've been up to the last few weeks! I just haven't come around to caring about uploading pictures much, and even though I've posted regarding some of these things, I think it's time you all know what really has gone down.

1. I did dress up for work on Halloween, and yes. I am 20 years old.
2. I went to a few crazy dance parties in the last few weeks. Halloween, 11/11/11, the Loft.
3. I have found a posse of friends that I can't get enough of.
4. Yes, I do hang out with a mom of 2 kids.
5. I went on a ski trip, was terrified, and ended up in the instacare.
6. I wasn't the one who got hurt on that trip.
7. I went laser tagging with a bunch of similar-aged adults. It was fun.
8. I found a real love for sushi lately.
9. I went ring shopping.
10. With girls. Not with a man.
11. I hosted a mock-thanksgiving party with my friends, renamed "Friendsgiving".
12. I went to a real work Christmas party and felt like a grownup.
13. Until I saw the chocolate fountain. And the dance floor.
14. I gave blood for the first time last week, and it was scary.
15. I got a big bruise from it.
16. I think things are just wonderful in life.
17. I have some pretty amazing people who care about me.

That's plenty of words. Now for some photos that are out of order.

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