Roommates 101.

I can say that I've become an expert of sorts on roommates.  I can prove my theory.
Since I moved out in September of 2009, I've had a grand total of 22 roommates.
That's right folks. Count 'em.
22 different girls.
22 different personalities.
22 different quirks.
22 different cycles....ya know.
It's been a whirlwind of emotions, happiness, frustrations, eternal friendships, not-so-eternal friendships, educational discussions (go ahead and use your imagination), etc.
I've had the opportunity to live with messy roommates.
Knit-picky roommates.
Hilarious roommates.
Selfish roommates.
Strange roommates.
Completely disrespectful roommates.
Roommates who think they're princesses.
Engaged roommates.
Nurse roommates.
No-eye-contact roommates.
Former party girl roommates.
Walking in on the NCMO of the week roommates.
Boy stealer roommates.
Behind-the-backtalker roommates.
Youtube junkies.
TLC watchers.
You. Name. It.

A comedian once said, There's always gonna be a weird roommate. Always. If you think you never had a weird roommate....it was because YOU were the weird roommate.

Now, I'm not bashing roommates. In the least. But I can tell you how to survive a semester "if you're going through hell." (Keep on going, don't look back! If you're scared don't show it..")

  • You'll always go through the "Honeymoon" phase with roommates when you first move in. Whether you know them or not in the beginning, you're optimistic, excited, happy, planning things to do every weekend, etc.
  • That phase will inevitably wear off to some degree.
  • When that happens, little quirks start to be more apparent than anything good they've ever done. i.e.: They always do the dishes. But they always sit on the couch, sprawled out, books/notebooks/computer everywhere, playing their music on top volume. Who cares that they do the dishes now?? Not you. You care that your couch is now your roommate's very own habitat. i.e.:They are the best listener you've ever met. But they complain about their weight and diet 24/7, stay in their workout clothes (or lack thereof), and spend more time working out then time showering or cleaning their room. 
  • Now, when this starts to happen. Don't panic. You can get through this. 
  1. Praying is definitely your best friend. You'll be amazed at how miraculous it can be.
  2. Doing your homework in the library is key. Distractions via roommates are irritating. 
  3. Not forgetting you have friends outside your apartment is extremely important to your health.
  4. If you have a ward crush, try to keep that to yourself. Match-making roommates suck. Jealous roommates that claim your crush when you admit it, also suck. 
  5. If you're possessive over your friends, don't bring them to your apt. It's inevitable that your irritating roommate will find your childhood best friend the best thing ever.
  6. If you're mad at the guy you're dating, don't tell them. You will forgive him, your roommates...not so much. Cue judgmental crazy eyes all around.
  7. At the start of the semester, set some ground rules if you're comfortable with that. i.e. No making out on the couch when anyone's home. If you want some toast at 10pm, you want to be able to go make some. Without watching your roommate "getting some". 
  8. Signs sometimes are your best friend. i.e. "CLEAN YOUR HAIR OUT OF THE SHOWER SICKO"
  9. Don't forget that sometimes you or your roommates can be emotionally hijacked by Aunt Flo. So don't take it personally when they get mad that you didn't shut their door when you came in to see how their day went. 
  10. Make sure you label ANYTHING that you don't want them to eat, with something like so: "Hello. If you are opening this cupboard to find something to eat, and your name is NOT Katie, please imagine Chuck Norris round-house kicking you in the face. Thanks." (Yes. I actually wrote that one semester. Yes. It worked.)
Last but not least: Remember that your roommates are human. They will get on your nerves, you'll get on their nerves, and in the end....if you are open-minded and forgiving, they could become some of your most cherished friends in this lifetime.

Happy Finals....I hope you don't kill your roommates this Christmas season! :) 


  1. Wow. I got REALLY lucky. I had 5, yes 5, roommates. Total. The six of us lived in the dorms together our freshman year. Within 3 weeks (maybe less) we were inseperable. Best friends. We all got along. We did everything together. We were all weird in our own way but we balanced each other out. The 6 of us got an apartment together our sophomore year. We never fought. Ever. Honest. I am still (11 years later) good friends with five of them. Best friends with two. I love my roommates. Those were some of the best years of my life.

  2. Double like. All of it.

  3. Although I've only had 5 roomates, all of which I chose, thank you for this post. I thoroughly enjoyed it.


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