Myth vs Fact

Myth: Future sister missionaries no longer have no feelings for boys.
Fact: Um. Yes, yes we do.
Myth: Boys steer clear of girls with mission calls
Fact: Um, no. No they don't.
Myth: If you are female, 21, and unmarried, you should serve a mission.
Fact: If you are female, 21, and unmarried, cool. Doesn't mean you should serve one.
Myth: Time flies with a mission call.
Fact: Actually, it's dragging on. Like, a lot.
Myth: "I WANT to serve a mission, but I just haven't felt the NEED to."
Fact: "If ye have a desire, ye are called to serve."
Myth: All sister missionaries are the same-- emotional, distracted, unmotivated girls who couldn't get married.
Fact: I can tell you right now, anyone who says that is ignorant. I want to get so upset when any returned missionary bashes on sisters.
Myth: I totally am learning Ukrainian.
Fact: Heaven help me. Небесний Отець (pronounced)= Nebesnyy Otets' = Heavenly Father.

I'm learning that saying goodbye to people physically is not going to be the hardest thing. I'm coming to terms with it, at least.
But saying goodbye to those that know things will be different--that's the real challenge.
Sometimes I wish life would be put on pause so my little heart doesn't ache this much. Life keeps moving forward though, and I'm more than excited to get out there and preach the gospel of Jesus Christ.
50 days and counting.

Ps. I'm going to miss these people.

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  1. I'm so so proud of you Katie and admire you so much! Go out there and kick some Ukranian butt! I guess I should say... go out there and BAPTIZE some Ukranian butt... hahhahahaha. Love you!!!


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